terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

Twilight zone

Twilight zone, you look around and see the mess.
Twilight zone, you keep on falling more or less.
Twilight zone, the symbol tower faded down.
Twilight zone, the king of nowhere loses his crown.

A silence makes itself loud heard.
Congeals the air and stops the bird.
While watching the fate of the search of a life.
While carrying no brother, no friend and no wife.

Twilight zone, for the rebuilding’s out of thought.
Twilight zone, the perfect shining path was caught.
Twilight zone, the mists of mystic, mythic mass
At twilight zone, attempt to save itself from death.

But nothing escapes, the world undone.
Why cards, why hands, why books, why throne?
What’s out and what’s safe from the present’s new will?
What’s up and what’s now, when the now is not real?

Twilight zone, no more tomorrow to deceive.
Twilight zone, no self-made destiny to believe.
Twilight zone, no hand above to guide you through.
For at twilight zone, there’s no more future, only you


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